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Seasonal Trends in Waterfront Sales

Waterfront Sales - Posted On 11/14/2015 10:47 AM

I'm frequently asked about seasonal timing of listings and waterfront sales. Below please find unit sales data for the 2014 season. Maximum unit sales occurred in October but keep in mind the offers for these properties were most likely negotiated in July and August. The least buyer activity occurs in November and December as most buyers are focused on the holidays and are not interested in moving when there is 3' of snow and howling winds out of the north. Go figure.


MONTH             UNIT SALES

JAN                        7
FEB                       13
MAR                      24
APR                       26 
MAY                       41
JUN                       36
JUL                        47
AUG                       58
SEP                         53
OCT                       71
NOV                       40
DEC                        26

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